Rothes Medical Practice Pitteuchar Health Centre, Glenrothes, KY7 4RH | Tel: 01592 771177

Practice Standards

Your GP will treat you as a person and not just as a medical case. He is committed to giving you the best possible service.

  • Your GP will not tell other people what is wrong with you unless this is essential for your treatment or is at your request.
  • If you urgently need your doctor’s advice the practice will try to allow you to speak to your doctor by phone.
  • If you have difficulty contacting, or getting through to the surgery please let the practice know as soon as possible. Your doctor, or his staff, will be pleased to tell you the best times to contact the surgery. We ask that you treat the doctors, all the practice staff and their families with the same courtesy and respect.
  • You will receive an urgent appointment at your GP’s surgery within 24 hours of requesting it. This may not always be with your usual doctor. Please be considerate when asking for an urgent surgery appointment, a home visit or out of hours care. Your GP will be pleased to advise when it is right to ask for an urgent appointment or home visit.
  • Where you ask to see a specific doctor in your practice you will normally be offered an appointment within 6 working days of requesting it, or if your problem is more urgent, you will be able to see another doctor. If you cannot keep an appointment please let your practice know promptly so that the doctor can see another ill patient in your place.
  • Your GP will try to involve you in your treatment and will always try to explain what is wrong with you, and what he or she proposes to do about it, in a way you can easily understand. You should understand any treatment that has been prescribed, so please ask if you have any doubts about what you should be doing. Try and follow the medical advice offered, and to take any medication as advised.
  • You will receive emergency care through a general practitioner but not necessarily your own doctor. This includes a home visit if the GP feels it is needed. Please note the reception staff are required to find out from you general information for the GP as to the reason for your request. This is to ensure that the most urgent cases are visited first by the GP. In cases of suspected infectious illnesses the reception staff have guidelines from the GPs as to what is the most appropriate care for you.
  • If you feel a visit is necessary, inform the doctor and ask him to decide whether or not he believes it is necessary. Please do not ask for a home visit if you can attend the surgery – home visits are for people who really are unable to attend the surgery. Home visits are very time consuming and GPs can see many more patients in the surgery than they can at patients’ homes. They can also do much more for the patient in the surgery. They are better able to examine you and where needed more tests etc. are available. Please ensure your request for a home visit reaches the surgery before 10.30 am, unless a genuine emergency arises later.
  • Outside surgery hours we provide cover for emergencies at all times, but please do not call out of hours unless about an emergency which cannot wait until the next surgery. Ask your GP for guidelines if you are not sure when it is appropriate to call the doctor. Sometimes when you are contacting the surgery by telephone, if the doctor is busy, a practice nurse may be able to help you.
  • Your GP will normally provide a repeat prescription within 2 working days of a request. If you ask for a prescription please collect it. Follow the instructions and complete the course of treatment.
  • Your doctor will try to help you to get the best possible care from the rest of the health service. If you are not able to attend an appointment in a hospital or clinic please let the hospital or clinic know, in writing if possible, so that another patient can be seen.
  • Your GP will try to make it as easy as he or she can for you to deal with the practice, but sometimes difficulties arise.

If the service does not meet your expectations, speak to staff and ask for an explanation but please be understanding of the difficulties that the practice sometimes face.