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Link Life Fife

Link Life Fife
 is a community led support service (non-clinical) provided by Fife Health and Social Care Partnership for anyone aged 18 and over in Fife who is reaching out to their GP or other health professional within Primary Care for support to manage stress, anxiety, or feelings of being overwhelmed that are affecting their mental health or general well-being.

Non-urgent advice: Who can access the service?

Inclusion criteria:

– adults aged 18 and over (no upper age limit applies) 
– emotional distress affected by social circumstances
– persistent poor mental wellbeing despite mental health problems being treated
– a long-term health condition where there is an adverse effect on mental wellbeing
– willing to engage with the service

Non-urgent advice: How will the Link Worker support/work with a person?

– using the Local Area Co-ordination model
– having Good Conversations
– listening to what matters to the person
– identifying people’s needs, skills and strengths
– providing information and options for informed choices and decisions
– connecting into community led activities, supports and other services
– building resilience by improving physical and mental health
– helping the person to live the best life possible

Non-urgent advice: Examples of services that people have engaged with and referral feedback

– housing/benefits and financial
– access to training and employment routes
– local support groups
– identifying and attending community groups
– connecting with mental health community support

Non-urgent advice: How to refer: 

Referrals can be made on the MS referral form via the link below. 

Please note, Link Life Fife are working towards referrals being accessible on SCI Gateway. or the webpage Link Life Fife | Fife Health and Social Care